Puruhi (Flea) Repellent for Dogs

Puruhi (Flea) Repellent for Dogs

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There are so many flea treatments on the market that are full of chemicals and many owners are becoming concerned with the safety of these products for their dogs. Paw Face have created a natural flea repellent for our dogs which offers a natural, alternative, nasty free option. 

We made it simple to use and suitable for all ages and breeds, especially for our dogs that react to conventional flea treatments. 

Fleas are one of the most common reasons behind skin irritations on dogs, so it was important to us, here at Paw Face, to create a repellent that was natural, and non-toxic. 


Please test a small area on skin first before applying the liquid onto further areas. Give it a few hours and if no reaction then you can apply to further areas on the skin. If in the unlikely event that your dog has a reaction to the product, please wash off immediately and discontinue use

Shake well before you use. The liquid is thick so do not squirt it all onto your dogs coat, just a few drops at a time. Drop a 3-4 drops (large dog) or 1-2 drops (small dog) where the neck and the shoulder blades meet as well as a 1-2 drops at the base of the tail. Lightly rub it in or grab your dog brush and brush it through their coat. You can also drop a small amount on their collars or bandanas and place back around their neck.  Avoid around the eyes due to the use of essential oils and places that have broken, irritated or inflamed skin. Do not apply on any open wounds or scratches. Try to make it a pleasant experience with positive reinforcement and treats.

Low Flea Session (Winter): Apply once a month and after every wash

High Flea Session (Summer): Apply at least once a week and after every wash – it can be applied daily if needed.


Grapeseed oil, Kawakawa oil, Colloidal Silver, Neem oil, Manuka EO, Cedar EO and Lemongrass EO 

EO = Essential Oil

Please note that this will not kill the fleas if they are already present on your dog. It is best to treat these first then use this treatment as a preventative.