Chakra Pet Charms

Chakra Pet Charms

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Our pets, just like us, suffer a range of issues that can be assisted with the help of gemstones. Whether it's helping to calm and soothe their anxiety, hyperactivity, behavioural issues or easing joint or mobility issues; gemstones can offer support. 

Our Chakra Pet Charm is made up of healing crystal beads that each have an affinity with a chakra.

  1. Crown - Clear Quartz (Depression, withdrawn)
  2. Third Eye - Amethyst (Headaches, bad eyes, distant/distracted) 
  3. Throat - Sodalite (Uncommunicative or excessively noisy)
  4. Heart - Rose Quartz (Sad, overly possessive, jealously, unwilling to interact, nervousness)
  5. Solar Plexus - Tigers eye (Dejected, withdrawn, aggressive, dominating, no enthusiasm)
  6. Sacral - Carnelian (Over emotional, excessive whining for no obvious reason, boundary issues)
  7. Root/ Base - Smokey Quartz (Excessively fearful, strong flight reaction, greedy, sluggish, underweight, restless)


These charms are suitable for animals if they are feeling out of balance or have suffered something quite traumatic that has knocked them both physically and emotionally. The Chakra Pet Charm will help to restore the balance with each chakra and between chakra's. 

Suitable for most dogs and cats to wear on their collar

Please note that the stones used are completely natural and may vary in size and colour. Please feel free to contact me with your pets name and the reason for choosing this gemstone so I can cleanse and charge it for your pets needs. 

The information provided by Paws & Harmony is collected from various resources and personal experience. This information is not under any circumstances meant to replace the advice of a veterinarian. Should your pet have any medical conditions, please see a licensed veterinary practitioner.