What are crystals?

Crystals form naturally beneath the Earth’s surface, and have been forming over thousands to millions of years. Molten minerals and superheated gases from beneath the Earth’s surface, work their way towards the surface through cracks and fissures, where they start to cool. The molecules that make up these substances, stop moving about randomly, and start to group together into stable patterns. When the substance has finally cooled and hardened, the molecules have set themselves into a completely even geometric shape called a lattice. The lattice is the basis of the crystals structure and depending on the conditions, pressure or temperature at which the crystal was created and the nature of the liquids and gases from which it was born, the crystal may end up as any one of the huge variety of crystals we know of today. When you hold a crystal in your hand, you could be holding something that might have been created around the time our planet was. 

How does crystal healing work?

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to help heal and bring balance. Crystals work with energy fields and can absorb, move, direct or diffuse energy within that field. Crystal healing helps the body find its natural rhythm. Crystals are a power house of healing energy by directing positive energy into the body and dispelling the negative energy. Similar to other forms of alternative energy, crystals are used to help heal the body from the inside out. They also have their own unique vibration and frequency which comes about from their composition. These vibrations and frequencies work by uplifting our health, mind and mood and bringing more balance into these areas. They can also act like a magnet by absorbing negative energies and bringing in positive vibes. So if your pet has some unbalance that is affecting their physical, mental or emotional well-being then crystals can help realign these energies and dissolve the dis-ease. There are many different types of crystals available and all have the ability to heal. Animals are so entune with energy that crystal healing resonates with them. 

How do I know which crystal is the right one for my pet?

There aren't any set rules when it comes to choosing a crystal for your pet. You can use a guide to help find the ones that best represent the need you feel your pet has. You can also use your intuition and connect in with your pet to find out which crystal they feel will work for them. In order to do this, you need to be grounded and calm, take a few deep breaths, calm your thoughts and ask your pet. This might seem a little weird but it does work and usually the 1st image or word that pops up in your mind is exactly what your pet needs. You can even try using a pendulum or necklace with a pendant on it, and ask your pets yes or no questions while using the pendulum. If you are really stuck, I am also here to help as well so you are more than welcome to contact me and I can help you. 

How do I clear my crystal, once I receive it?

All our crystals are cleansed before they leave our care but you are more than welcome to cleanse your crystal once you receive it. There are a number of ways to do this and again it all depends on what you feel drawn to. 

Salt water – either in the ocean or at home with a salt water mixture

Fresh water rivers or streams – the stream or river needs to be flowing not stagnant and preferably in the bush as the water quality is better

Smudging – either with white sage or a smudging stick

Visualisation – visualise a bright white light enveloping the crystal, pushing out all the bad, negative or unwanted energy

Blowing – you can blow cleansing, healing energy onto the crystal, almost like blowing in the good and blowing away the bad.

Make sure that before you do any cleansing that you are in a quiet place, you are centred and present (take a few deep breaths) and set your intent. I also find it useful to have a particular karakia or prayer in mind that I can recite while I am cleansing. The internet has more information about cleansing as well

Once cleansed you can set it in the sun or the full moon for a few hours to charge. Just be cautious as the sun can discolour your crystal

Do you do custom orders?

Yes we do, please contact us if you have a certain crystal or idea in mind for your pet and we will do our best to help. 

The crystal that I bought for my pet seems to have fallen off or disappeared, what does this mean?

This can sometimes mean that the crystal you bought has served its purpose and is no longer needed. This is quite a common occurrence and I have also had it happen to me. However if it's a charm and you feel that it was an issue related to the quality of the item then please contact us. 

My pet seems to be showing signs that the crystal I bought may not be the right one, what should I do?

Now with pets, they cannot verbally tell us when they want the crystal taken off or even take it off themselves. This is where you need to understand your pet’s behaviour. If they start displaying too much of the behaviour that you want, then it’s time to take it off. If they start scratching at their neck a lot more than normal, then it’s time to take the crystal off. If their behaviour starts to change in a negative way, then it’s time to remove the crystal. If they start avoiding the area that you have placed the crystal then it's time to remove it. Our pets always give us very subtle signs to start with and we need to be aware of this before those signs become worse. 

Which crystal is best for what?

Here is a link to a quick guide to the crystals we stock, we also have an explanation of each crystal in the description section in our shop. Still stuck? Then please feel free to contact us. 

How are essences made and what do they do?

An essence is a liquid version of the energy pattern of whatever you have used such as crystals or flowers. Being a liquid means that it can be used in ways that crystals cannot. The essence holds the energy characteristic of the crystal or flower used and when absorbed into the body, it encourages positive change. It's a very similar concept to how homeopathic remedies are made; water that is used as the basis, has the capability to hold the memory or the energy pattern of whatever is placed into it and this is how an essence or remedy is created. 

Essences are created by placing a crystal into a bowl full of filtered water and leaving it in either the sun or on a certain moon pattern. The energy from the sun and the moon helps the crystal energise the water. Once a few hours are passed, you can then use the water essence for the purpose you intended, by making a mother essence, stock essence and then lastly the treatment essence which is what we sell in our shop.