Is lavender okay for your pet?

This purple flower with all the power originated from southern Europe and parts of Africa, Asia, and India. Many cultures relied on the herb not just for its signature scent but also for its pain-relieving and sedative properties.

Many households these days take advantage of the benefits of lavender. Though I am not a big fan of the smell myself; Lavender has amazing calming and healing properties that are beneficial for our dogs. Many websites state that it is not harmful to dogs but I would always suggest caution when using this oil and any other essential oils. Always use in small doses and always use a carrier oil before putting on the skin.

Some of the benefits of lavender oil are:
🐾 Great for soothing irritated skin
🐾 Great preventative for skin infections and helps heal wounds, burns, and ulcers
🐾 Also useful for those dreaded hot spots
🐾 Lavender affects the central nervous system, giving it calming, grounding, and almost sedation like effects. Lavender can be used to calm dogs prone to anxiety, or dogs experiencing stress.
🐾 Lavender repels - but does not kill - fleas, ticks, and other unwanted pests.
🐾 Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Lavender is great for sore joints and is a must-have for dogs with arthritis

Lavender has many uses for our dogs and is in a lot of care products for them. I add it to my soap and do add it to my oil blends to use on anxious dogs to bring a sense of calm back into their lives. When using this oil PLEASE only use high-quality therapeutic brands, NEVER the cheap ones that are found in places like Kmart, Briscoes, The Warehouse, etc. DoTerra, Young Living and Pure Nature are some of the places that sell high-quality lavender essential oil. Lavender hydrosols, which are found at Pure Nature, are also great to use and still contain trace amounts of the essential oils, however, hydrosols tend to be gentler on our pets than the essential oils.

Due to cats being so sensitive to essential oils (a lot more than dogs), I would suggest that you consult a holistic vet or an expert in this field before applying to your cat.

Has anyone used Lavender essential oil before on their dog? What are your thoughts?


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