Kumarahou - NZ Native Plant Medicine

Kumarahou is a native plant that is found in the North Island. Its name probably derives from its attractive creamy yellow flowers appearing in early spring to mark the coming of the kumara planting season. Once commonly found on roadsides and in poor, clay soils, it is becoming less widespread as human activity encroaches more and more on its traditional habitat.

Kumarahou can be applied to wounds, sores or rashes as a soothing and healing agent. What makes Kumarahou so effective is its high content of saponins which have soothing anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties so is great for a wide variety of skin conditions.

Kumarahou has many benefits and has been traditionally used by Maori for generations to treat respiratory issues, gout and was a great blood purifier.
This beautiful plant is also great for skin issues which is why we have chosen to use it in some of our products; namely our Hemp seed oil and Kumarahou Dog Soap.

Our Hemp seed oil and Kumarahou soaps are available for purchase. We will also be incorporating this amazing rongoa into future products so WATCH THIS SPACE!!

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