Nga Mihi Oscar - The driving force behind Paw Face

I have been very blessed over the years to have owned and worked with so many amazing animals that helped lead me down the path to Paw Face . None more so than my old boy Oscar....

I came across Oscar when I worked for the RSPCA in Melbourne. I was working as a kennel assistant at the time and came across many dogs that pulled on my heartstrings and wanted to take home, and Oscar was no exception. Oscar's face was so comical and his nature was calm and gentle. I ended up taking him home with me while we continued to find him a new home and ultimately it became a foster-fail.

Oscar was a 7-year-old Australian Bulldog that had quite a pronounced overshot lower jaw where his tongue constantly hung out. He snorted, snored and farted like a trouper but he was the most lovable, gentle and calmest dog I had come across in my 20 years of doing rescue. He was brilliant with kids, other dogs, and different situations and loved to swim, though he was not overly great at it (he sunk every time). 

As he got on in age, he developed arthritis in his shoulders and in his left hip which affected him greatly. We had him on a 3 monthly injection to help, and it did but I wanted something more for him as his muscles were so sore. I remembered in my travels reading about canine massage and was fortunate enough to come across a practitioner in Sri Lanka that taught me some techniques to use on the disabled dogs that they had at the charity. The results worked and with some hydrotherapy, some added supplementation, and a diet overhaul, many of these dogs improved. So I did some research and found a school in Australia that taught canine myofunctional therapy and I enrolled straight away. A year later I was qualified and started to give Oscar regular treatments.

Oscar ultimately was the reason Paw Face started as I saw how well he improved and I wanted to be able to use this knowledge and skill on other dogs in need.  If you look hard enough at the logo you will notice that its a bulldog's face that makes up the paw. Over the years Oscar became my right-hand man & trusted sidekick as I started to study kinesiology taping and homeopathy. He was also my number one customer for my soap and balms and best model dog for my Pet First Aid training.

Sadly in July 2019, Oscar developed ascites which is fluid in the abdomen. His prognosis was not good and after 2 weeks of managing it, making him comfortable and letting him do and eat whatever he wanted, I took him on his final journey from this world into the next. It was the hardest decision to make to let him go and join those that were waiting and had gone before him but he was ready and our time here together had come to an end.

Grieving for the loss of a pet who has given you so much joy is difficult, the house was very quiet after his passing and the silence and stillness took awhile to get used to. I am truly honored and blessed to have met him and will be forever thankful as without Oscar Paw Face may never have happened.

So I write this to honor and remember him, to say thank you for being my fur friend, my inspiration & a huge part of our family!

Rest easy Oscar xx

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