Arnica - Must have in your pet first aid kit

Arnica; also known as Leopards Bane, is one of the most popular and widely known herbs. Arnica can relieve everything from bruises and muscle tightness to inflammation and sprains. It is also a major first aid remedy to help animals affected by shock, trauma, and injury to the body. It is also a great remedy for mental, emotional and spiritual shock and is wonderful to use on rescue animals where their emotional state has been deeply affected by traumatic events.
Arnica can also be used for dogs that participate in agility and endurance events, as it may help the musculoskeletal system recover quicker.
Things to note are to never use arnica topically on any open wounds; because it improves circulation and opens blood vessels it could increase bleeding. It is highly toxic and caution needs to be taken when applying topical arnica gel or oil to affected areas (make sure your dog and other pets cannot lick it off). The homeopathic remedy is not toxic and is safe to use internally. It also has the same effect if given topically but will also treat mental, emotional issues as well and works on a deeper level.

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